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Before this incident tumblr used to remark how cute Jontron was.

Now people are making fun of his eyebrows, weight, and beard, even though I could have sworn judging people by their appearance was something the social justice movement was against.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with Jon or not, that just isn’t right.


This entire scandal has just confirmed to me that social media has basically destroyed discourse forever.

Everybody who disagrees with Zoe Quinn or the ideals she supports are going to use this to attack both because they see an opportunity to do so.

Everybody who agrees with the ideals she supports are going to defend her to the death even though they shouldn’t, because otherwise they’re letting their own ideals get savaged in public space. To them, Zoe Quinn is equivalent to their own beliefs.

Whatever higher being you do or don’t believe in could carve the truth in obsidian slabs with lightning before their eyes and if it wasn’t the truth they wanted they’d completely ignore it.

So you have two completely unreasonable, implacable sides shrieking at each other that in the end will accomplish nothing but driving more reasonable people away from discourse and causing them to think less of everyone involved.

That’s what I’m afraid is going to be the end result of discourse on social media; two lunatics, frothing at the mouth, screeching at other, while nobody else watches or even gives a shit because it got old long ago.

THIS. JUST THIS. HOLY SHIT. This is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while but could never find the correct words to use.

Really the only problem I see with this logic is that in a nutshell, this is what Democrats and Republicans are, except not lunatics (usually), and not everyone got tired of it.

Something important to remember about this Zoe Quinn drama:


This is not about the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend with 5 6 guys

This is about the fact that she slept with Nathan Grayson, Joshua Boggs, and Robin Arnott, who have notable presence in the video game industry and have connections. This is about the fact that she traded sex for favors and favorable game coverage. 

Deep down, this is about the game industry’s corruption at it’s core. We’ve known for some time that they can be bought out with money, but the idea that they can be bought out with sex was never on our minds. 

Zoe, as of today, has faked a raid on her own Tumblr page, lied about being doxxed yet again, including giving out a fake phone number that quite obviously wasn’t hers (as many figured out from a quick Google search). 

She is desperately trying to cover her own tracks, trying to spin this as “slut shaming”, and lying about doxxing is her current plan to come out as the “harassed victim” a la Anita Sarkeesian all over again. No one is making money off of the YouTube videos covering the scandal, as she claims. No one is doxxing her, as she claims. 

Also, remember that this is not the standard women in the game industry should be set to. Zoe has now made it harder for an honest, game loving female dev to be taken seriously in the industry. Feminist or not, female or not, you should realize that Zoe Quinn is NOT on your side. This is not slut-shaming. This is exposing corruption in the media.

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