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Just to note, what happened to Jennifer Lawrence and all the other celebrities who got their nudes leaked is 200% not acceptable and I think it’s disgusting how horribly their privacy was invaded.

But this is also a prime example of how fucking hypocritical Gawker is. Whether it’s Jezebel, Kotaku, or the main Gawker site itself, the entire thing is hypocritical and corrupt to its core. So they tell all of their viewers to watch Hulk Hogan’s sex tape and then refuse to take it down, but then write entire articles bashing the people who are doing the exact same thing to Jennifer Lawrence?



~Mod Silvermoon424

2 Fun facts about the song “oldies but happies”

Did you know that the verse "Come along children, now we’re gonna have a little music, like old times" was actually sampled from a silly old radio play where a crazy guy built his house around an organ and kills ladies he looses interest in by trapping them in the pipe room where they die from suffocating?
(both samples are around 12:00, but for the best experience, listen to the whole thing)

Did you also know that the phrase "That’s just plain poppycock" actually comes from Richard Nixon making a speech about watergate?

Now try listening to the song again :D

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